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Enjoy excellent science in a beautiful African setting

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From the guestbook of the 1st and 2nd Tofo Advanced Study Weeks on Emerging Viruses in 2015 and 2016:

"I think this was a very successful start for a series of future symposia!" (Stephan Becker, Marburg, Germany)
"Congratulations on the initiative to hold this meeting in Africa" (Jean-Jacques Muyembe-Tamfum, Kinshasa, DR Congo)
"Never before have I been at a meeting where you could spot 10 whales or more already before breakfast" (Heinz Ellerbrok, Berlin, Germany)
"Thank you so much for a wonderfully organised conference" (Hannah Kibuuka, Kampala, Uganda)
"It's been a wonderful meeting and I really love Tofo" (Kartik Chandran, New York City, NY, USA)
"This is an extraordinary meeting, both for its scientific excellence and its most beautiful setting" (Hans Klenk, Marburg, Germany).
"Thank you so much to all the organizers who developed and pulled off this fantastic event" (John Dye, Fort Detrick, MD, USA)
"Thank you to the organizers for making this great meeting possible! I will leave with very fond memories and new collaborations. Hope to come again! Muito obngada!"  (Nicole Zitzmann, Oxford, UK) 
"It felt surreal to arrive in Tofo and talk about the latest advances in emerging viruses but it is in fact a great concept: We can hopefully help the local researchers to get connected and at the same time there is ample opportunity for everyone to discuss current problems in a wonderfully relaxing surrounding. I would be delighted to come back!" (Katja Fink, Singapore)
"Fantastic meeting. Fantastic place, beautiful scenery, interesting talks, what can I say; you need to come here to understand why we can fall in love so rapidly for Tofo beach and its people." (Julien Lescar, Singapore)
"Great meeting - great site – fantastic location – whale sharks!!! Loved it." (Scott O´Neill, Melbourne, Australia)
"What a magical place to hold a meeting. Thank you for the invitation to me – wonderful hospitality, accommodating and friendly locals. And the science has been excellent as well!!" (Paul Young, Brisbane, Australia) 
"This is one of the best meetings I have been to. Great presentations, great location! And great people that I met. I hope to return soon." (Suzanne Kaptein, Leuven, Belgium)
"FANTASTIC MEETING!!! The science, the location, the people, the food, everything contributed. The contact with mozambiquan scientists, and other from the african continent, this is the place to have ARBOVIRUS meetings, of course! TOFO is indeed a wonderful place. Congratulation" (Felix Rey, Paris, France)

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